What is Future State?


There is no One Size Fits All approach to business & success is a constant evolution to match trading and economic climates

Futurestate is a Leading Business Performance Advisory company that Accelerates YOUR Business SUCCESS!

They have become a leading advisory as they have a bespoke approach to business success and in May 2019 this system has been recognised at the Business Allstar Summit where Shay Lynch, director of Future State, won the coveted prize of Thought Leader of Year.

About Shay Lynch

Shay Lynch is a best-selling author, trainer and highly regarded expert on all things business performance.

Having worked with some of the leading global consulting firms, Shay made a decision to leave the security of a well paid job and apply the skills he learnt to build his own.

His 1st business was in the renewable energy sector and after just a few years the company was performing extremely well, turning over a 7-figure sum. Then the crash of 2008 came, money stopped flowing and his business was choked.

The business was faced with a choice, liquidate and leave many employees unemployed. Many chose this option, however Shay stepped back and focused on how to add value in every core part of his business. With that, the company slowly rose to the top again and within a few years, the business was sold. Now, Shay is teaching those same skills, teaching businesses to thrive in good times and bad, to SMEs and Blue-Chip companies alike and has helped over 100 companies around the world doing just that.

His Key Strengths

Being a process engineer, Shay focuses on building

  1. Strong performing systems / processes

run by

  1. Strong performing people


Outside of business, Shay is a serial goal setter, every year setting new physical and mental challenges, but like in business, has created his own bespoke method to ensure he always achieves his goals

Some of the Brands that work with Shay

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Why Shay Lynch?

Leading Authority in Business Systems
A Business Owner or Advisor to some of the largest multinationals over the last decade
Biggest drivers in life is to help & pay it forward and he shows businesses
how to accelerate success and then how to do it themselves to sustain the gains
Best selling author with 2 books published:


And It’s Your Best Year Yet’

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