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About Shay Lynch

Shay Lynch helps companies generate more profits through Systems Thinking. He’s an author, recognised thought leader, listed in the top 50 most innovative companies in Ireland, and has been on multiple judging panels choosing the best companies in his country.

Being an engineer by trade, building systems is what he does. He’s a huge sports fan and always leverages systems thinking to systematically improve everything he does. He’s had the honour to represent his country.

His  1st business was in renewable energy. They were doing really well, until the global recession of 2008. What an introduction to business. It was then he learnt the power of systems thinking when applied to business. Between himself and his partner they turned that business around, Shay sold his share. Now he teaches companies the same skills he developed in his own business. And he’s built a reputation on being honest and overdelivering.


He’s helped large multinationals like – Boston Scientific, J&J, SanDisk and indigenous financial institutions but nothing is more satisfying than helping small businesses succeed. The thing is: he uses the same formula, the only difference being application and scale.

Through his experiences and that of his clients, he’s been up close and personal with all the mistakes you should avoid.

He consistently talks about these on his blog, through media like Business and Finance and it’s humbling to know that he has a formula that can truly help.

He’s been recognised as, and won awards for, being a thought leader on multiple occasions.

About Future State Academy

Futurestate is a Leading Business Performance Advisory company that accelerates your business success!
They have become a leading advisory as they have a bespoke approach to business success.

In May 2019 this system has been recognised at the Business All-Star Awards where Shay Lynch, director of Future State, won the coveted prize of Thought Leader of Year.

People believe consultant support is a cost not a value service. Future State Academy is hear to say different. There is a formula and help doesn’t have to cost you exorbitant consulting fees. You don’t have to be technical to get results and their mission is to share this formula and support you on your journey.

The Future State Academy is Your Academy

The Future State Academy will take you on a journey in building all the key ingredients to ensure the only outcome is Success,
So you can build Your Future State Success

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